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Brandon Duck For Delegate

A working man for a working community

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Brandon Duck

Brandon Duck is running for Delegate in the 4th District. He was born in Frederick, Maryland and has lived in the area for years. He currently lives in Brunswick Maryland.

He is a working man, working with the people. As a working man, he has seen the struggles that the common person deals with on a daily basis. He has lived across the country, which has exposed him to a variety of people in his life, this has let him see so many stories of people in so many different states of their lives.

Wanting to help the community he is running for Delegate to bring the voice of the common person to Annapolis. 

Brandon has prevailed in his primary, and is eager to move forward to serve the great people of the district after our election in November. Brandon Has received several endorsements which you can see on the NEWS page. As the primary is done Brandon knows that he has to keep up the fight to serve you in Annapolis. Please DONATE to help keep that battle going. 

Reach out to Brandon

216 N Delaware Ave
Brunswick, Frederick County 21716

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