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Brandon Duck is a first time candidate for the 4th district in Maryland. He is a working class man, working hard to be a representative of working class families and the struggles they go through. 

He has worked with people of all works and beliefs and sees people not being represented in our capital, and he seeks to change that. 

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My Story

I am a Frederick native who was born premature. As a child, my father had to join the military to make sure not only that I was taken care of, but our entire family. When I was born, my father used to say I was "As big as my hand, with his feet hanging over". 

As a child of the military, I have been all over the country, and it has given me a wide world view. This has enabled me to see people in so many different stages in their lives and with a wide range of backgrounds. This has helped me be a more empathetic person and able to focus on how our struggles effect not only our lives, but the lives of those around us. 

As I have been in Brunswick, I have seen the town grow and expand, and I continue to see it grow. More and more people are moving to our suburban areas in our district as people come to our beautiful area. I have seen Brunswick Crossing be built and see it continue to expand. I have seen businesses come in and the community expand. But that growth is showing that our Representatives in Annapolis aren't reflecting our growing communities. I feel that as a working class person, I want to bring that voice to Annapolis.


I always want to hear from the people, please reach out to me if you would like to help or to be informed of any future events.


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