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With less than two months to go until the primary, Brandon and his fellow candidte 

Millicent Hall have been going out door to door, knocking on potential voters doors. He wants you to know he is there to fight for Maryland and get things done in 


T-shirts, Bumperstickers, Stickers and Signs now available! Please contact about information how to get these items. 

The Frederick News Post has a wonderful write up about Brandon and his campaign. Please take a look, and be sure to spread the word. 

The Primary is 7/19 and thank you to all who voted. Brandon has secured his nomination, yet we are still very eager to see how the mail in votes total up.


Brandon has received endorsements from the following organizations and people.

Brandon has been selected by the Maryland State Education Association.

He is incredibly honored to be selected by the Teachers and other Education professions to help lead the State for what is the best for the Students.

Brandon has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood. He belives in

the right to choose and believes it needs to be continually protected.

Our Revolution Maryland has endorsed Brandon. Brandon has demonstrated a commitment to progressive ideals and equality. 

Brandon has been named a Gun Sense Candidate from Moms Demand Action. This shows that Brandon is committed to make sure the passage of common sense gun laws. 

Jamie Raskin has endorsed "All the Ducks in a row". Jamie Raskin is a long standing Congressman who has been righting for the rights of the people in his tenure. As he continues to rally for the truth in the January 6th committee. Brandon is committed to help Congressman Raskin in any way he can. 

"The people of Frederick County deserve leaders in Annapolis who will stand up for their values, and I have no doubt that Carleah, Brandon, Andrew, and Millicent will do just that. I'm pleased to support them in their fight to bring competent, compassionate, and civil leadership to the 4th District." David Trone

As one of the most prolific enviormental groups in the country, Brandon 

is incredibly honored that he has recieved their endorsement. Brandon is 

committed to working to make sure Maryland's enviorment is perserved.

The Honorable Sen. Ron Young has endoresed the 4th district team. His vote of confidence is a boon to all of us in the 4th district. Ron has always worked hard for Maryland, and we can only hope to live up to his legacy. 


Brandon and one of his candidate teammates, Millicent Hall, spoke at Bar-T Mountainside. Great company, including Aruna Miller who is running with Wes Moore for Lt. Governor. 

After the recent horrific mass shootings, Moms Demand Action hosted a vigil in Frederick. Brandon shared in his grief for those who were lost that day. The stories told that day were heart breaking.

At the proclamation of Pride Month, Brandon was honored to be among one of the participants. He was able to speak about his experiences with the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Brandon was overjoyed to be able to see the Thai Water Festival. It was a festival full of good food, great music, and great displays. He was also honored to meet the Ambassador from Thailand.

Brandon had the honor of being able to attend the last meeting of the fiscal year of the United Auto Workers union. Unions are a great boon to the American worker, so Brandon was honored to be able to talk to them in their office. 

Brandon was at the Urbana fair on 7/20. It was a great time as he was with other candidates and met a lot of voters in the area. Thank you for all who voted 7/19 and earlier. 

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