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Urgent Release from The 

Supporters of Brandon Duck


Jaime Raskin Endorses Brandon Duck


Brandon Duck is incredibly proud to announce that he is being endorsed by Jaime Raskin. Jamie Raskin has been serving the 8th district of Maryland with incredible diligence in his third term. Jaime Raskin has served on the House Judiciary Committee for three terms, he has worked on the Coronavirus Select Subcommittee for two terms, and more. These incredible pieces of work have been a great boon in our lives and our state. Congressman Raskin has also introduced the PRESS Act, to bipartisan acclaim. He continues to work on various agendas to assist the American people to live productive and healthy lives. 


“I have always thought incredibly highly of Congressman Raskin, and I am thrilled to have his endorsement.” Brandon Duck said this evening. “Knowing I have the support of such a distinguished member of Congress is an incredible badge of honor.”


“Congressman Raskin has always served the common man, such as myself, diligently.” Mr. Duck continued. “He has worked tirelessly during the coronavirus to make sure people like me are taken care of as best as our state can do. I am personally grateful for everything the Congressman has done, and hope that I can assist him in helping our great state reach the potential it deserves. Not only in my district, but across our wonderful state.”

Brandon Duck is currently running for Delegate in the 4th district. This is his first time running for public office. He is running with Andrew Duck and Millicent Hall as candidates for Delegate in the 4th district. He may be reached through his email at and on his website

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