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Frederick Vigil

Monday we had a vigil here in Frederick for the recent mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. These tragedies are becoming more and more frequent. This is unacceptable. Groups like Mom's Demand Action and Everytown are working tirelessly to help bring ACTUAL change to our gun laws.

We need to pass more common sense gun laws. We need to have a better background check system. We need to have more regulations on ammo capacity. We need to do something, and that means making your voice heard.

Please make sure you are registered to vote. How do you do that? Well you can go here to make sure you are registered. And make sure you are looking for candidates who are Gun Sense candidates, not just people like me, but others. Please volunteer for these groups, and make sure that more and more people speaking up about gun violence. We cannot become numb to these terrible tragedies.

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